Affilorama Review - A Good Way to Learn Affiliate Marketing

Affilorama Review - A Good Way to Learn Affiliate Marketing: "If you�re new to affiliate marketing or even if you�ve been at it a while but just aren�t making money yet you may be wondering about Affilorama and whether it would be worth your time to join. I signed up and took a good look at it, here�s my Affilorama review."

Jeff Pauls Internet Millions Informercial, Scam Or The Real Deal?

I gotta say, I watched the Jeff Pauls Shortcut to Internet Millions Infomercial last night and it was amazing. The video production was spectacular, capturing all the details that triggers those emotional responses of wanting to live the "lifestyle", the ease in which everyone seemed to be making money. I was impressed.

I've been making money online for over 10 years now and I almost gave in and called. I can certainly see how someone watching it may actually be drooling all over themselves.

Of course, like I said, I've made a nice living online for quite a while and I am pretty sure there are no shortcuts. None I've found anyway or even heard of on all the internet marketing forums.

I did a little research on him today thinking that I may want to promote his product if it actually contained valuable information. There are many ways to make money online but sometimes, excuse me, most of the time people become overwhelmed by all the information, by all the different ways to make money, by all the different ways to drive traffic to their websites... and end up becoming paralyzed. They take no action at all and thus end up failing thinking that making money online is a big farce.

So if Jeff Pauls Shortcut To Internet Millions laid out a nice, easy to following, holding your hand, step by step, watch over my shoulder, call me on the phone, proven, guaranteed to work blueprint that could honestly help others, then I may like to promote it myself.

Unfortunately, what I found is a lot of posts from unhappy consumers who felt they were ripped off. If you are wanting to start internet marketing, there are a few terms you need to learn RIGHT NOW! I'll wrap up the section by telling you why you need to learn them and what they have to do with Jeff Pauls Shortcut To Internet Millions Infomercial.

Sales Funnel, OTO, Forced Continuity

What's A Sales Funnel?

A sales funnel is the process of selling someone something at a low, entry price. Say $9.99. This $9.99 gets you some basic info but not enough to really get going, basically you just paid for a very fancy salesletter pitching the next product of $499 which gets you "everything you need" to become successful at whatever it is, unfortunately this will be followed by an offer to personally "mentor" you for anywhere between $1400 and $2500, (actually can be any amount, this is just an example but generally it's somewhere in that price range) which will be followed up by a "special invitation" to attend a seminar for anywhere between $10,000 and $50,000.

Along the way, there may also be offers of teleconferences, one on one video meetings and any number of "products" stair stepping in price. This is what's known as the sales funnel.

What is a OTO?

A OTO is an acronym for One Time Offer. This is where you order one thing and either right before or right after completing the purchase, you get the once in a lifetime, too good to be true, don't tell your friends, they'll be jealous, so fabulous that all the internet marketers in the world will drive over to their house and beat him with sticks if they found out, deal of the century which is only valid for the next 18 seconds, (you're so lucky that you caught it when you did before it expired).

Of course it is a product that now seems much better than the one you are buying or just bought and you really won't be able to succeed without this additional puchase.

What is forced continuity?

Oh man, this is the killer! This is the one where a seemingly one time purchase can turn into a nightmare of recurring billing. You try to cancel but it's like something out of the movies where the day before, the entire floor was a bustling center of activity with cubicles, employees, phones and gave the appearance of being a huge operation only to be found completely deserted the next day without even a post-it note left behind to evidence their existance.

What Do These Terms Have To Do With Jeff Pauls Shortcut To Internet Millions Infomercial?

From my research today, I've found numerous complaints on popular websites like "The Rip Off Report" and "Infomercial Scams" from some very unhappy customers claiming that what started out being a phone call for their $39.95 package turned into thousands with upsells and continuing memberhships.

Is There Another Way?

If you are reading this page, you were obviously interested in the "shortcuts" and would like to make money on the internet. You can do that. It's not easy but it is achievable and the best part is that you don't need to invest thousands to do it. has an affiliate program. It is FREE to join and they will pay you a commission for all sales generated by your leads. They have an outstanding affiliate tools section where you can get product links, banners and other widgets to add to your own websites or you can create "Astores" from within the affiliate marketing section. These are complete little websites that you fill with the items of your choice so you can target niches like photography, pet supplies, fashion, computers or anything else. You just send surfers to these Astores and if they click through and purchase, you get paid.

Another great program is the Ebay Affiliate Program. You send people to auctions and if they buy, you get paid. They split their fees with you for sending the buyer.

The best tool for promoting both the Amazon affiliate program and Ebay affiliate program together is the Build A Niche Store (BANS for short).

BANS automatically builds niche stores featuring only the Ebay categories and sub-categories you choose. It comes with very nice niche templates and has simple, fill in the blank sections to crank these out in quantity. No need to pay $39.95 for the 10 new websites each month promised in the Jeff Pauls Shortcut To Internet Millions Infomercial. You can create 10 new niche sites a day with BANS.

BANS also allows for easy integration of the Adsense ads (the google advertising network affiliate program) and CJ (Commission Junction affiliate network which boasts thousands of vendors like Wal-Mart, Target, Best Buy and more).

BANS is the only system where I've seen completely inexperienced people come onine and actually start making money. No, not $15,000 per week but a more realistic number like $2000-$5000/mo with a little time and proper marketing of their niche websites.

If you would like to watch a video of BANS in action, CLICK HERE

If you would like to visit the Build A Niche website and learn more, CLICK HERE

Let me close by saying... I don't know Jeff Paul and I've not purchased the Jeff Pauls Shortcut To Internet Millions package, I can only relay what information I've gained from reading the complaints on other websites and information about making money online from my own years in the internet marketing field.

I have however, given in to several late night infomercials such as SMC, The William McCorkles Buying Foreclosures course (before he got sent away to prison), Don Lapre's Tiny Ads and most recently Buying Properties For Pennies On The Dollar.

I bought these because the informercials were cleverly crafted, building hope and helping you to visualize your dreams becoming a reality. No matter the cost, I've always felt like I've learned something valuable and that lesson for me has been the knowledge that there are no shortcuts, hard work is required but if you arm yourself with the right tools, you can be successful.

I hope this has helped and again, if you really want a proven way to make money online, one that costs less than $100 with no upsells, no forced continuity, top rate support, a members area forum to get help marketing help from other successful users and and honest, money back guaranteed backed by one of the internets most prominant payment processors, do yourself a big favor, forget the expensive deals, don't let yourself get lost and overwhelmed by information, go with what works.

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